How We Work

Get familiar with our software development & delivery process.

Our Process

We have worked on many projects, a large portion of which were tailor-made apps or features engineered, developed, deployed & supported solely by our team. In the years, we've noticed a rather interesting pattern: the more time we spend working on a project before delivering, the more it moved away from the problem it is supposed to solve. Hence, the added value shrank considerably. That often led to the need for severe refactoring or even abandoning of the whole app or feature.

On the contrary, we’ve noticed that if we deliver the core functionality (or even part of it) first and extend it later, rather than the whole thing at once, we have a much better result. That is so because the client integrates the app or new feature in his workflow faster, and we get robust feedback early on. So we end up with a product that solves the problem most efficiently and brings the most value. This approach proved to be less risky in time.

This pattern is contrary to what one would expect. It doesn’t feel comfortable for both sides, either. The client already has all the functionalities in his head, so does the software developer. Having to trim most of it for the sake of a minimal functionality, is frustrating and time-consuming, to say the least. But since this approach ends up solving the client’s problem most effectively and bringing the most value for both sides, we decided to stick with it.

For this reason, we have developed a simple, yet efficient software development & delivery process that the team strictly follows. It is Agile in its core and is a mesh between SCRUM and Kanban.



You share with us your idea about the new app or feature you need. We craft an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) concept together and we provide you with an estimate (usually several weeks up to a few months).



We develop and deliver the MVP in weeks up to a few months rather than years. You integrate it into your workflow, and start getting value for your money.



With the robust feedback, we now have, we extend and update the new app or feature accordingly on weekly or bi-weekly cycles. That brings more value further down the road.

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